WP Dashboard Image

WordPress Dashboard

Soul of your website. If you put your website as your face, dashboard is where everything is, which reflects on your website. Things you see on website are controlled dynamically from dashboard.

WordPress dashboard is designed so easily, that you don’t need special knowledge of web development to operate that. Any person with minimal knowledge of operating word processor can write blog and publish it.

Once you setup your WordPress site you will have access to your WP Dashboard. Which you can get to this dashboard by adding “/wp-admin” to the end of your site’s url (e.g.: www.yoursite.com/wp-admin)

Dashboard provides you the list of tools to manage your website’s layout and content. It is the first screen you will see, once you successfully logged in to WordPress.  You will see three major section there.

  1. Tool bar on top
  2. Navigation Menu on left
  3. Main Work Area

You can see the Welcome section which has some links that will help you get started with adding content and customizing the site.

Tool Bar

It contains links to most commonly used functions. By hovering over WordPress logo you can find out more about WordPress. There are links to WordPress Documentation, Support Forums and feedback.

Hover over your site name it will show the link to the frontend of the site. If you are logged in and you are visiting your site, on top bar (Tool Bar) remains on top of the site to help you quickly edit the content of the existing page, customize your site or create new post, page, media or user.

Hover over the site name again and return to the dashboard and other sections like themes, widgets or menu section.

Tollbar also displays notifications if you have any new updates on your theme or plugin or WordPress version itself. If you get any new comments on your posts to aprove you will be notified on top bar with a notification.

Navigation Menu

This is where links to everything from posts, pages, media, user to settings. It is properly managed to get you where you want to be. If you want to edit your post you can choose Posts and options related to posts will displayed on side. Hovering over each of the menu item will show additional options.

There is collapse menu button on bottom of the section, if you need more space to work. You will still be able to see additional option when hovering over

If you create a new post type it will display right on the Navigation Menu. Most of the plugins will also show up here with additional option to configure from.

Main Work Area

You do your work here. Everything from configuring WordPress setting to adding Pages, Post, Media, users, everything. Boxes you see here can be minimized or can be arranged by dragging and dropping wherever you want inside the Main working area.

It is mostly self-explanatory, you will not be lost here. The boxes are properly arranged and titled for easier use.

Play Along

WordPress is best learned by playing along with the option and checking the effect it made. Explore by yourself, it is very easy to work with WordPress. There are help links for the confusing parts, you can explore through it too.