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Hidden Features in WP Dashboard

WordPress as CMS, is a very powerful piece of software. It is one of the user-friendly CMS. You can easily find what you are looking for. Even though it has everything laid out properly as needed, it has some hidden features most won’t find or care to search.

I’ve listed some of the hidden functionalities I found. They are very useful but still used less or often neglected.

Screen Option

Screen Option has the most versatile sets of option to modify particular section of the site’s dashboard. You will find it on top right corner of dashboard screen. Options listed in this section vary from section to section. Options you may find on pages has different sets of option than on post and options on post section may vary from the ones from menu.

Some use it to show less or more content or sections or blocks on dashboard section. On post or page list you can choose to reduce the column heads. Like, if you are seeing Author, Categories, Tags, Comments and Date columns on your all posts page or post listing page, you can remove each of the columns by unchecking the options on Screen Option section. Or you can increase or decrease the list of posts to show on the same page by editing “Number of Items per page” section.
Hidden Functionalities Screen Options

Scheduled Post

We often publish our posts when it completes, but wise thing would be complete the posts in batch and schedule it to publish in certain time period, while you can focus on other things in that time. It is rather productive than creating and publishing a post every week. Completing months’ worth of content and publishing it periodically that is called Scheduling a post, and you can do it in WordPress by simply putting future date on publish date by clicking edit link right beside Publish Immediately option.

Sticky Posts

If any of your post is gaining traction and it is the traffic generator of your site you might want it to show up on top all the time. To accomplish that, you can use the Sticky Posts option. To use it, click the Edit link next to the Visibility option of Publish section. Check the option “Stick this post to the front page,” and depending on your theme’s layout, this will show up on some specific section, highlighted to attract visitor.

More Tag

By default when you visit a WordPress blog it shows list of post with full length text. But there is a way to just show important few first paragraphs and direct it to single post page (Detail Page).

By just a click of a button or just by putting comment tag “<!–more–>” in html mode will split a content into two parts. First part will be shown on post list page and rest in detail page. Everything you write after the More… line will be displayed on a new page, once the user clicks the Continue Reading link.

Next Page Tag

If you want to split post into further pieces use the Next Page Tag. This is helpful when you are doing multi part Tutorial. When you are just showing certain portion on first page and then next on second page and so on.
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