WordPress data validation

Data Validation, Sanitization and Escaping

Don’t ever trust your users. Always validate, sanitize and escape every piece of information that saves into and read out of your database. So, what exactly validation, sanitization and escaping? Do we really need them? Validation is the ruleset to make sure data received from end user is in correct format that you expect it…

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Build Website Easily with WordPress

You can create a beautiful website by yourself, in about an hour, with the choice of customizing it with more than 2,000 free themes or go premium with premium theme providers. Why WordPress? WordPress is widely used platform for website. More than 25% of the existing websites are created with WordPress and it is increasing….

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WooCommerce Shortcode

WooCommerce shortcodes you definitely need to know

With over 15 million downloads on WordPress.org, WooCommerce is the popular e-commerce plugin among WordPress community. If you’re developing theme for WooCommerce, there are few shortcodes that might help you in theme development. Here are our list of  WooCommerce shortcodes, you might not be aware of but definitely need to know for better theme customization….

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