Quick Tip: How to Use Shortcodes Within Widgets

Shortcodes has been in WordPress for quite some time. It allows developers to add more or less complex features in plugins and themes without user having to write single HTML code. By default, shortcodes runs only in editor. If you want to use shortcodes in widgets, it’s not possible. But a single line of code…

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Important WordPress Files Banner

2 Important Files in WordPress Theme

These two files are the key to your theme, in other words you cannot have a verified theme without these two files. These files communicate with WordPress core files and show as proper theme in dashboard. From where you can choose to activate the theme. This is the beginning of your custom theme. Those files…

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Hidden Functionalities Billboard

Hidden Features in WP Dashboard

WordPress as CMS, is a very powerful piece of software. It is one of the user-friendly CMS. You can easily find what you are looking for. Even though it has everything laid out properly as needed, it has some hidden features most won’t find or care to search. I’ve listed some of the hidden functionalities…

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Localization of WordPress Theme – Part I

Web market is increasingly global nowadays. So, offering your theme in different languages can be advantageous to gain theme market share. If you plan to distribute themes or plugins, localizing your code increases your number of potential customers. Localization is the way of translating your theme or plugin for use in different locales and languages….

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WP Dashboard Image

WordPress Dashboard

Soul of your website. If you put your website as your face, dashboard is where everything is, which reflects on your website. Things you see on website are controlled dynamically from dashboard. WordPress dashboard is designed so easily, that you don’t need special knowledge of web development to operate that. Any person with minimal knowledge…

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